About the Organisation

The Brunei Institution of Geomatics (B.I.G.) was formed in 2002 and officially registered under Brunei Societies Act in January 2003. The affairs of the Institution are managed by a council which is biennially elected during the Annual General Meeting.

The core professions of B.I.G. comprise of the following:


✓ Professional Planners (Town and Country Planners, Environmental Planners)

✓ Professional Land Surveyors (Land Surveyors, Geodesists and Hydrographers)

✓ Professional Geographical Information Manager (Cartographers, Photogrammetrists, Land / Geographical Information Systems Manager, Geographers)

✓ Professional Property Manager (including Land Valuers, Land Registrars, Land Officers, Land Consultant, Land Economists)

Definition of Geomatics as adopted by B.I.G.

“The art, science and technologies related to the management of geographically-referenced information. Geomatics includes a wide range of activities, from the acquisition and analysis of site-specific spatial data in engineering and development surveys to the application of GIS and remote sensing technologies in environmental management. It includes cadastral surveying, hydrographic surveying, and ocean mapping, and it plays an important role in land administration and land use management.”


The Brunei Institution of Geomatics (B.I.G.) was established for the following purposes:

✓ To promote and advance the science, practice and application of geomatics for the advancement of mankind and community and to foster regional and international cooperation and transfer of technology.

✓ To encourage communication between persons in-charged with the technical responsibility for the planning, design and execution of the practice of geomatics.

✓ To obtain and disseminate among the members, information on geomatics and related matters affecting the profession, and to print, sell, publish, issue and circulate the records of transactions of the Institution or any papers, periodicals, books, circulars and other literacy undertakings or any extracts therefrom as may seem conducive to any of these objects.

✓ To educate and seek to improve, extend and elevate the technical and general knowledge of members and persons concerned with the geomatics.

✓ To serve as a focal point for exchange of ideas related to geomatics.

✓ To conduct, encourage and collate research in geomatics.

✓ To establish, form and maintain in index of available or existing literature and articles on interest in connection with geomatics.

✓ To cooperate, as may seem conducive to any of these objects, with national and international organisations and to support and supplement their work.

✓ To promote the general interests of the profession and to maintain and extend its usefulness for the public advantage.

✓ To conduct professional development programmes by organising training, seminar and conference locally or internationally.


B.I.G. Officers bearers are comprised of the following


• President who shall be a Fellow

• Vice President who shall be a Fellow

• Secretary General

• Treasurer General 

B.I.G. Council is comprised of the following

• The Officers of the Institution as mentioned above and

• Assistant Secretary General

• Assistant Treasurer General

• Chairperson & Secretary of Land Surveying & Geographic Information Systems Managers Committee

• Chairperson of Real Estate Committee

• Chairperson of Development & Planning Committee

• Chairperson of Accreditation Committee

• Chairperson of Constitution Review Committee

• Chairperson of Planners

• Editor

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Have Question(s)? Please Contact Us Below

Copyright Brunei Institution of Geomatics 2019